Alex Mowday will be the contact for Taiwan.

You  can put me down  for the contact  in Taiwan.
For  October   we will  host the  2012  RS:X  Youth Worlds .  There will  be  teams in  Taiwan  training  in  October and  we could have a fun event  -- Long Distance   - on the   7th or there about.
Sincerely,Alex Mowday

Thank you Alex as soon as you have the correct date and spot I'll put it in on the Taiwan page.
IN addition to the  RSX worlds,  we have  our 2 main  Taiwan  High Wind  Slalom  Contests -   either  way we will  for sure  get  pics and  attendance  Numbers for the   event -  It would be  good to have stickers for the  sails-- is anyone mass printing  these - I can get them  printed for   Taiwan  here.   Even a  Flag or  Banner   that  can be put in the  pictures  with all the  attending  windsurfers  so that  it shows it is not a STOCK  picture   but really as pat of the  event.  What do you think -   one off banners are also   cheap here -  just need the Artwork so that  it is  all consistent.
Thanks Alex, something to think about.